Boris Pietrzak explains the advantages of this completely new type of tool, unique on the market, to help with crisis management: CAIAC

(Center for Interdependence Analysis and Business Continuity Assistance)

Developed for certain ministries use only, Resiliency was the 1st company in 2017 to imagine and develop such a tool to offer it to the market with the collaboration of CS Group. Today, Crisotech markets it to give access to as many people as possible comprehensive data library with centralized and processed data.

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CAIAC is an innovative platform:

  • Accessible online at any time
  • Compatible with most geographic formats
  • Dozens of layers of information crossed on a single map (% population, road traffic, etc.)
  • Constantly evolving
  • Also available for operational infrastructure monitoring (characterization of incidents on the network, network outages, etc.).

The faster the information is centralized, the better the response will be to the crisis experienced in the area.

The next challenges for the development of the CAIAC platform: moving towards AI and simulation.