When we talk about the space crisis, we easily remember Sputnik in 1957, Skylab in 1973 or more recently Luch Olympe in 2018 (this satellite had come dangerously close to a French telecommunications satellite) which had each created in its time a wave of panic when they are put into orbit.

To the question, why? The answer is simple: space constitutes “a new field of threats” according to Grégoire Romatet of Crisotech, a company specializing in crisis management and a subsidiary of the Deveryware Group.

It was therefore important for Crisotech to participate in the 1st space crisis exercise ever organized in Europe in order to prepare the participants for this simulation of a new kind.

So it took Crisotech over a year to create a completely fictitious script environment. The objective was to use the technological analysis and crisis management tools available to Crisotech to carry out these crisis exercises, such as:

  • SOCIAL ROOM and NEWS ROOM to simulate media pressure with fictitious information
  • CAIAC, a geographic mapping tool developed by the team’s geomatics specialist
  • the crisis management consultants who imagined and developed this scenario environment around this continent and these fictitious states (it was important to create a fictitious story, an economy and a particular policy in order to justify this rapprochement between satellites).

Want to know more about this exercise? Listen to the podcast above.