Amarante, a European leader in international security management, has joined forces with Deveryware to form a strategic and ambitious partnership with the aim of optimising protection of the 4 key resources of organisations.

  • Property
  • Employees
  • Sensitive information and technologies
  • Integrity (compliance, image, anti-fraud)

Amarante chose Deveryware for its recognised expertise in the development of software platforms dedicated to security to create a partnership capable of guaranteeing organisations a centralised and digitalised security management system that encompasses everything from travel validation to crisis management.


HAVN: the first in a range of global security management tools

The first fruit of this partnership, HAVN is the first in a range of application-based global security management services.

The HAVN application provides decision-makers and employees with a range of features, enabling them to:

  • keep up to date
    • country guides
    • real-time alerts
    • fact sheets
  • communicate
    • 24/7 security hotline
    • ‘panic button’
    • integrated messaging
  • monitor
    • automatic passenger
    • travel validation

A flexible tool, available in a web version, HAVN can be adapted to all public- and private-sector organisations, and many customers are already relying on it.

Download on App Store and Google Play

Amarante and Deveryware are already working on the design of a HAVN product range that will meet the protection needs of every aspect of an organisation’s assets.

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