While 2018 was an exceptional year for Deveryware (with the acquisition of its first subsidiary and the creation of the Deveryware Group), 2019 raised the bar even higher (subsidiaries, increase in capital, etc).

It seemed difficult for 2020 to meet this challenge…

However, at the halfway point, we can already note the achievements of the firsts six months of 2020, promising a year marked by the success of projects we have launched. We can already celebrate:

  • The continuation of our business during the COVID-19 crisis, which has strengthened our internal cohesion and our commitments to our customers and partners.
  • The growth of our figures, which show good progress in turnover, in terms of recruitment and training
  • Recognition by our peers: Rewarded for our strategic choices over the last two years, Pôle Systematic also awarded us the title of Champion for the Cyber&Security technology hub in April.
  • Committed strategic partnerships offering the first in a range of app-based global security management services with the launch of HAVN.


On the back of these successes, we still have six months to go before the end of the year and many challenges to solve, all driven by the mission #CommittedToBetterSecurity