On March 21, Edouard Philippe, the French Prime Minister launched a public appeal to businesses, manufacturers seeking all goodwill to join he national effort to fight coronavirus.

Primarily targeting the donation of masks, gloves and hydroalcoholic gel, Deveryware group involves by making available to the authorities the platform created for POCRISC project during coronavirus crisis management.

Spain is currently using this solution for Malaga region and the platform can be used by competent authorities of the countries affected by the virus.


Thanks to our platform, administrative and hospital services can:

  • Identify positive cases and patients
  • Collect and program vital information such as alerts
  • Manage food and medicine delivery for those in need
  • Record and track incident management
  • Configure and monitor deliveries of medical equipment.

For more information, contact paco.martinez@deveryware.com


RESILIENCY, group’s subsidiary since 2018, also offers access to its collaborative exchange platform on the Covid-19 crisis management intended for public officials but also for companies.

RESILIENCY and its teams remain mobilized to support their customers and ensure the continuity of its service, training and digital tools activities, some of which are focused in this major crisis:

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, RESILIENCY has also set up a “Task Force” to advise organizations to help decision-makers take the best options in this crisis.

The Task Force is made up of 8 thematic experts in health, crisis management, business continuity, CBRN risk and social law.

For more information, contact christian.sommade@resiliency.fr


In this period of confinement, we were able to notice how important the speed of decision-making was.

Today we offer the possibility of centralizing the information necessary for the organization of first aid to the State because we are all affected by the pandemic thus responding to its first commitment: Committed to better security.

Our teams work daily, face-to-face and remotely to fulfill this mission.

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