​Exploit the richness of the available data

The processing of digital data is playing an increasingly central role in conducting investigations, whether legal or administrative.

However, the mass of usable data, and the multiplication of accessible data sources makes essential the use of massive data analysis software solutions, suited to the operating methods of the investigators.

Deveryware has designed a range of solutions to accelerate investigations via agile data analysis.

Designed with our affiliate OAK Branch, specialising in the analysis of big data, DeveryAnalytics Investigation carries out cross-referencing to extract information of use to the investigation.

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Analysis of data derived from telephony

It enables the automatic extraction and correlation of the information needed for the investigation, via an intuitive web interface, in order to:

  • pinpoint the relevant data rapidly
  • detect contacts and interactions between individuals
  • update networks
  • collect conclusive evidence

Analysis of heterogenous data

A powerful analysis tool designed for complex investigations, DeveryAnalytics Investigation enables the analysis and cross-referencing of heterogeneous data derived from:

  • official reports
  • legal documents
  • requisitions (phone records, geolocation, bank data, etc.)
  • or from open sources (the web, social networks, the media)