Emergency call routing platform

Existing communication technologies (chat, mail, video call…) are all communication methods that are neglected by today’s rescue services. With the opening of borders within the European Union, the 112 services, the European emergency number, need to be adapted to use these new tools.

GHALE answers this need with an emergency call routing platform compliant with the European PEMEA standard.



Language is a real obstacle when roaming; the network takes over by identifying the nearest call center that can communicate in the native language of the caller.

The GHALE platform allows the routing of any call or message via an app to the nearest call center to ensure optimal service quality and faster support.


PEMEA / NG112 standardization

At the same time, Deveryware is contributing to the standardization and dissemination of the PEMEA* standard to enable the interconnectivity of the APP 112 with European emergency call centers.


Then in an emergency it will be possible to precisely locate where a person is calling from anywhere in Europe, and share vital data with the emergency services in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).


*Pan European Mobile Emergency Application



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