Deveryware decided to extend its services beyond its historical geolocation focused business with the acquisition of three new subsidiaries (OAK Branch, Resiliency and Tracip) in 2018.

This diversification now allows our group to expand our scope and deploy an offer that is both B2G (governments/administrations) and B2B.

Thanks to this multidisciplinary expertise, we can support law enforcement agencies and companies in their security maintenance mission through complete coverage of technological solutions that offer high added value.


Innovation is at the heart of our development and part of the Deveryware culture


Since its creation in 2003, Deveryware has placed significant importance on research and development with the investment of 10% of its turnover.

Our expertise allows us to deploy unique SaaS and On-Premise platforms with scalable capabilities, and to offer advanced technologies to users in the field.

Our group has recruited experts in the most innovative technological fields, from cyber data to engineering. Big data remains the biggest challenge of the decade and we employ specialists to take up this challenge and to fulfill our primary mission:


To assist in the security of states, businesses and populations through innovative digital technologies and high value-added solutions