A security issue…

Today security is central to all concerns. Security needs have evolved considerably and appropriate solutions need to be developed.

Given this situation, Deveryware has been working for several years to make its expertise and geolocation tools available to police and security forces, essential for them to successfully fulfil their missions.


Our geolocation systems

Beyond making these solutions a permanent feature of the landscape and in order to deal with the multifaceted threats that are evolving all the time, Deveryware is continuing its efforts to provide effective responses that it can contribute to national security through a range of sources and processing that is increasingly sophisticated.


An investigation accelerator and trusted partner of police and security forces since it was founded, Deveryware assists investigators in detecting and preventing threats and in arresting their perpetrators, thanks to its range of innovative solutions:

Deveryloc – Deverylight

Each use requires a specific response.  Deveryware has developed 2 complementary and interoperable geolocation solutions that allow us to view tracking on any type of support.

Devery Analytics

This big data analysis tool compares the various data sources to demonstrate inconsistencies or new avenues of research.

Our beacons

To offer a turn key solution to it users, Deveryware also offers a full range of beacons, of all brands, compatible with and suitable for all types of missions.

Autonomous platform

Modular and scalable, it allows us to globally localize telephones and SIM cards, as well as our beacons. Our national geolocation data platform is connected to each of the telephone communications services in the country.



Analyst of Big Data for intelligence


In 2018, Deveryware decided to buy OAK Branch in order to extend its capabilities in the management and treatment of mass information. Specializing in the analysis of heterogeneous data, OAK Branch supports us in the development of analytical solutions for the investigator.




Expertise and digital investigation


In 2019, TRACIP, a company dedicated to digital forensic analysis and investigation, was integrated into the Deveryware group in order to strengthen its range of solutions for the investigator, especially in the area of the extraction and treatment of data.