Innovation is at the heart of our development and is part of the Deveryware culture. This was demonstrated in 2018 when we invested nearly 10% of our turnover in R & D.


Internal R & D

Deveryware has become a leading technology company in the field of security very soon after its creation. Our group exists to help law enforcement agencies respond to issues related to new forms of crime and in the resilience of large organizations. In order to offer ever more efficient tools and systems, we have innovated and invested in multi-functional platforms.


Innovation Lab

In January 2018, Deveryware created the Innovation Lab in Madrid with a dozen engineers. The aim of this laboratory is to offer the co-creation of new systems based on R & D project demonstrators, including systems dedicated to the development of emergency services in real life conditions.

The GHALE call routing platform is the first project out of the Innovation Lab.

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This is a real-time geolocation platform with scalable capabilities that can handle 10 million API requests per day. Based on the aggregation of heterogeneous data, we control the entire end-to-end infrastructure with a private cloud.

This way our partners can be sure of benefitting from the highest degree of security in the storage of information.

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With our OAK Branch subsidiary, specializing in Big Data and cybersecurity, we have developed a solution that can analyze the massive and heterogeneous data that investigators face.

The DeveryAnalytics platform resulting from this research work can perform automatic cross-checks between heterogeneous information and thus allows the field investigators to save time.

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Collaborative R & D

Very committed to the major themes of research and innovation in public and civil security (digital cities and territories, major events and sensitive sites), Deveryware maintains the continuous improvement of its technological services by integrating geolocation, cybersecurity, IoT, Big data, artificial intelligence…

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