We now have an internal security operating platform available for export: the lawful location platform.

The Deveryware Lawful Location platform provides information instantly on the location of beacons and cell phones, in real time, using positions mapped by Deveryloc.

It’s an indispensable tool for:

  • Utilizing GSM localization data
  • Carrying out investigations discreetly
  • Improving investigation success rates.


Our platform, your tool

Our platform can be used for various purposes in the field:

  • Detecting movement patterns without physical contact with the target
  • Electronic surveillance.
  • Recentering field teams around key areas
  • Border crossings
  • Alerts in case of unusual events or behavior
  • Geoprofiling
  • Cross-referencing data
  • Prevention of threats.

Elle a été construite en collaboration avec nos partenaires issus du monde policier, de la gendarmerie, des douanes et des services de sécurité afin de répondre aux besoins opérationnels des Forces de l’ordre françaises, premières utilisatrices de nos services.


Technical capabilities

The two main features of our platform are AUTONOMY  and POWER.

It can utilize localization data from any telecom operator, and meets all information system security requirements.

The lawful location platform can automate your most important tasks:

  • Manage court access orders using MSISDN (assigned number) or IMSI (SIM card)
  • Configure email alerts and SMS notifications
  • Detect comings and goings to/from the field


The lawful location platform is the fruit of Deveryware’s real-time geolocation expertise, which we demonstrate and prove every single day, and an important innovation in the fields of investigation and intelligence.