Deveryware was born at the start of the 21st century from the meeting of two men with identical visions. Closely attuned to the needs expressed by French law enforcement professionals, the two men identified a technological innovation that would help them ensure public safety.


Jacques Salognon, a successful ITand telcommunications entrepreneur, and Thierry Bathias, a specialist in on-board terminals, conceived and developed a powerful, secure platform to support investigators in their crime surveillance duties.

This is how they founded the first real-time geolocation company


Deveryware quickly became a trusted partner of the French government and is now a diversified group operating in all facets of global safety. It employs a staff of 140 employees and aims to become the European leader in investigation technology and global safety services.

Motivated by the shared values of commitment, ethics and innovation, Deveryware strives to provide the best tools available on the market.

Deveryware is invested in several collaborative research projects alongside academic partners and large corporations; today it is a recognized contributor to the European safety ecosystem.

Driven by these key values and a long-term vision, the Supervisory Committee and Alain Vernadat, the General Manager, wishe to make Deveryware a recognized service provider in security thanks to a wide range of technological resources to secure cities, goods and people.
The company is firmly committed to a safer future and has a clear mission: 

Committed to better security!