Collaborative platform for smart cities

The aim of this project is to reinforce the security of smart cities across the territory in the face of natural (e.g. climatic) and man-made (crime) risks.


Objectives and action plan

The SafeCity project is completely in synch with the strategic objectives of the Committee for the Security Industries Sector (CoFISComité de la filière des industries de sécurité) through the implementation of solutions to enhance the security of smart cities, and in particular with respect to the following points:



The project will implement solutions to centralize and securely share data, with visibility levels that can evolve according to the level of crisis managed. A second phase will study the ability to communicate this information to the teams on the ground, in the mobile command centers and with the connected patrols.

The platform developed will need to respond to scalability issues and to facilitate interoperability between the various actors who will eventually use it.


Data processing

Beyond the massive collection and management of data, the project aims to develop new algorithms for analysis and correlation to better understand a situation and develop predictive analysis capabilities.

The Safe City project will integrate new data sources (social networks, information from citizens and video stream analysis data).


Shared situation view

In order to modernize the cartographic view principle, the project envisages developments such as:

  • The fluid and efficient management of 3D
  • The display and exploitation of a very large amount of information
  • The integration of a video view to give a much better understanding of what is happening in the field
  • The inclusion of data analysis results (such as heat maps).

This system will be deployed on two pilot sites: the city of Nice and the business district of La Défense.


Deveryware contribution

Deveryware is working on the project in the area of mobile alert and emergency call devices for users and private security services.

Our work will include:

  • the integration of the device within a global supervision system
  • the addition of an ability to operate in an indoor 3D environment in order to manage the accurate distribution of alerts and information in complex environments (urban canyons, …)
  • the ability to deliver the service in the event of a crisis while communications networks are severely degraded or inaccessible
  • the integration of a PEMEA standard 112 call capacity which allows any citizen to be connected with the nearest treatment center in an emergency situation, as well as the provision of data and enhanced capabilities (precise location, chat, video channel, medical data…).


Expected results of the project

To develop systems to improve any or all of the following criteria for the purpose of commercialization:

  • City Manager: Management and analysis of data (big data), coordination between stakeholders
  • School Security: access and alert management
  • Road safety: management of road and public safety related to traffic
  • Command system (Legacy and Mobile PC): via a supervisory system used by law enforcement or security forces; or via a connected patrol system
  • Citizen interaction: analysis of social networks and management of the alert according to localization of the persons.




  • Thales Communications & Security


  • Arclan : specialist in site protection
  • BCA : access system integrator
  • Deveryware: specialist in population alert
  • Egidium : command post specialist
  • Gemalto : expert in digital security and biometrics
  • Geol Semantics: expert in text analysis
  • IGO: expert in 3D data management and display
  • INRIA : specialist in microscopic crowd simulation
  • Luceor : specialist in high speed wimesh radio networks
  • ONHYS : specialist in crowd simulation
  • Safran/Identity and Security: specialist in road safety
  • SIS: command post specialist
  • Sysnav : expert in geolocation
  • YNCREA : specialist in video analysis


Project start – end date: 01/02/2018 – 31/01/2021

Duration of project: 36 months

Amount of grant: €10.9 million from BPI France (Banque Populaire d’Investissement) via the Future Investments Program (Programme d’investissements d’avenir).