Privacy policy

Founded on strong ethical values and with over 14 years’ experience in the field of geolocation, Deveryware respects the very highest levels when it comes to protecting personal data and privacy, going even further than current legislative requirements.

The design process for each location-based service incorporates principles on personal data protection right from the very outset. This means that a person is never geolocated without their consent and data relating to their private life is never divulged to third parties.

Deveryware is especially attentive to the respect of privacy.  It has always been committed to protecting the personal data of the users of its services in accordance with the regulations in force.

It is to ensure that this is the case that we have established an external policy regarding the protection of personal data. In this policy, you will find detailed and clear explanations about why we process and how we protect your personal data. It also informs you about your rights and how to exercise them.



Since 2012 Deveryware has deployed a Quality-Security-Environment approach aimed at guaranteeing services that come up to its customers’ expectations.

The company is ISO 9001 certified (for quality) and 14 001 (for the environment) by the Afnor for its design, development, sales activities and support for services based on geolocation and now has an integrated Quality, Safety & Environment management system.



Our Quality approach

Our Quality approach aims to provide our customers with the best possible level of service in the field of services based on geolocation.

Placing the satisfaction of our customers at the centre of our concerns, we are constantly attentive to their needs and develop our solutions in response to their feedback on the ground.


Our Environmental approach

At Deveryware, respect for the environment has been an integral part of our growth strategy for several years and we are working hard to reduce our environmental impact.

We aim to continually improve our actions and our consumption in order to reduce, master and control our influence on the environment which has become a major and ongoing commitment of the company.


Our Security approach

Beginning in 2016, our company has gone further by starting a process aimed at certifying the security of its information systems.

The objective is thus to implement a globally coherent security policy covering both technical (hardware, software, etc.) and organisational aspects (personnel, sites, procedures, etc.).

For this purpose, the company is gradually integrating the requirements of the ISO 27001 guidelines for the Security of Information Systems.


This QSE approach is accompanied by the establishment of structured working methods and processes that ensure that Deveryware as:

  • an agile and efficient company
  • gaining in productivity
  • differentiating itself in an increasingly competitive market.

Through this QSE policy, Deveryware ensures excellence not only in the service remit to its customers but also in terms of employee expectations by developing an environmentally aware Security culture.


Integration of these three management systems is a proactive means of ensuring the durability of the business and improving its results.


It creates a better balance between the commitment to satisfy customers, control security-related risk and effectively deal with environmental challenges.

From within the company, it provides a global and coherent vision of the actions undertaken, reduces costs and saves time.