Safety and security during rallies and events

The S²ucre project takes its name from the acronym Safety and Security of Urban Crowded Environment.

Its goal is to find technologies to ensure safety and security in high density urban areas.

For this project, safety will be differentiated from security, security meaning the actions taken to prevent all effects from voluntary malicious acts, incivilities, terrorism, etc…, while safety is more the prevention of accidental risks.


Objectives and action plan

This project was instigated at the initiative of Idemia to direct reflection and to envisage answers to ensure the protection of populations during major events, through 2 solutions:

  • The development of more efficient logistics to reinforce the human effort
  • Training through learning with simulation exercises in complex scenarios.

Two events have also served as a test for the implementation of scenarios: the Hamburg festival with 1.5 million visitors and the 1st May gathering in Paris of about 12,000.


Deveryware contribution

The difficulty in these complex situations is to anticipate crowd movements. Indeed, organizers and public security officers often lack an up-to-date overview of the situation.

Over these 3 years, Deveryware’s mission is to offer its expertise in the field of real time geolocation to facilitate the movement of rescue teams in the field.


Expected results

To combine the following 5 technologies into a single system capable of centralizing and processing the information received:

  • Video surveillance of the crowd during rallies to determine the density of the population and the dynamics of the crowd
  • Short-term predictive analysis of crowd behavior for fast and effective evacuation
  • Semi-automated analysis of suspicious behavior for security applications
  • Detection and geolocation of authors
  • Auto-localization of the members of security and rescue teams and the creation of a communication platform for a geo-registered information exchange between security and rescue personnel.




French partners

Project start and end date: May 2017 – October 2020

Project duration: 24 months

Funding: € 1,042,508 from the ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche).