A safer smart city…

During technological change, societies tend to use the innovations to which they have access to make cities safer, just as they are used to improve the lives of urban dwellers.

The Deveryware Group can offer a complete range of services to companies subject to crisis management compliance obligations, such as those in the financial sector, risk industries, large groups and local authorities, so they can manage their risks and prepare themselves for sensitive situations.

As guaranteeing the safety of citizens and employees is a priority for Deveryware, our group works on many European and national collaborative projects in the field of advanced technology development.

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Our service offer

Our solutions based on real-time geolocation cover a wide range of services adapted to both the public and private sectors, such as communication to employees of a company or a specifically located population, to delivery tracking, and even crisis management.



Routing platform for emergency calls


In response to the need to standardize emergency call services for citizens and travelers within the European Union, the new 112 generation raises the question of interoperability of emergency applications with European centers.

GHALE is the emergency data routing platform (precise geolocation of the caller, personal information …). Its objective is to promote rapid localization in case of emergency and to promote the existing means of multimedia communication (photo, video, chat, translation).



Last km delivery management


To answer the last mile problem, Deveryware has devised a turnkey solution to satisfy carriers and the end customer.

Real-time delivery tracking is now possible thanks to Notico Deliv, which allows route optimization and a check of delivery status instantly.



Digital Expert in Crisis Management


RESILIENCY brings to the group its knowledge of risk and threat analysis, and of resiliency and security analysis for the vital activities sectors.

Resiliency offers piloting and emergency management solutions, including:

  • CAIAC (geographic information)
  • SAGA CRISIS (incident management)
  • VISIOBOARD (monitoring dashboard).