Finland joins the PEMEA* network

The implementation of a single number for emergency calls to dedicated processing centres is still in the news.

The project, launched in the 2000s, requires the collaboration of all European telephone operators in order to conform to a common system over the whole continent and thus avoid problems linked to:
• the many telephone operators present in some countries
• and above all the lack of knowledge of these numbers by people who are travelling.



Finland has just successfully tested its mobile app 112 Suomi for emergency calls, with the collaboration of Digia and Deveryware via the GHALE platform


Today, it is Finland who is joining the PEMEA network, in order to standardise access to emergency services in all European countries, whether for residents or travellers.

Thus, Finland is following in the footsteps of its European predecessors:

  • Romania
  • Spain
  • Slovenia
  • and Monaco.

More information: Finnish Emergency Response Centre Agency joined the PEMEA Network

*PEMEA : Pan-European Mobile Emergency Apps