We head south, to Miramas, for a new Notico Safe trial !

On 15 November last, the Notico Safe team went to Miramas to carry out a POC (proof of concept) with the municipality of Miramas.

The purpose: Test out Notico Safe under real conditions through 2 sce

Simulation of a forest fire with lost hikers

randoThis scenario plays out a “bottom-up alert”: a group of hikers is lost in the forest when a fire breaks out. One of the hikers is suffering from respiratory problems and needs to be treated urgently. Another person decides to use the 112 app to alert the emergency services. Thanks to Notico Safe, the relevant rescue centre has a range of information (position, phone number, photos, videos, etc.) for a quick and effective rescue.



Simulation of an incident in a railway yard with hazardous products

gare_miramasThis second scenario plays out a “top-down alert”: an explosion has just taken place in the Miramas railway yard, the Mayor and the Prefect then decide to send out an alert to the smartphones of Notico Safe users present in the area and are effectively able to ensure their safety by informing them of what to do in real time.




A positive outcome !

The stakeholders present at this full-scale test emphasised the effectiveness of the Notico Safe solution. However, they remarked that it would be necessary to complement Notico Safe with other, more traditional systems, in particular, for users who do not have a smartphone.