Real time tracking for the protection of people and goods


Transporting high quality goods, sensitive deliveries, supervising alarm interventions, protecting movements in high-risk areas, etc. There are many cases where real-time geolocalised tracking or the option to check the history of a journey is needed.

Deveryware has decided to adapt its real-time geolocalisation services for companies via a whole range of equipment and applications.



Our beacons adapt to all your needs (range, freshnes or fast geolocation…)


Our wide range of beacons adapt to all formats and types of products, from vehicles to mobile phones, including suitcases or containers


Our beacons can withstand high temperatures


We offer different devices to suit your needs. Some have several months, even years, of battery life


With proven experience in real-time geo-localisation, we make our expertise available to small- and medium-sized companies as well as larger businesses.