To fulfill a desire to diversify markets and acquire new technological bricks, since 2018 the group has incorporated several subsidiaries to complete its service offering. 


Fraud and intelligence analyst

OAK Branch massively analyzes data to support financial services. Speed ​​and efficiency are the two key words of this entity, which also operates internationally.

A veteran of data and automation, OAK Branch has used the latest technological advances to ensure the digitization of confidential information and offers technological help in fighting frauds.

By joining the group, OAK Branch offers Deveryware its expertise in the management and processing of mass information in its field of proficiency, the analysis of:

  • semantics
  • statistics
  • relations.

Forensic expertise

TRACIP is an expert in digital forensics and has a forensics dedicated range.

Since it was created in 1994, TRACIP has invested in the recovery and processing of evidence collected during police investigations.

It is known as service provider of the Ministry of the Interior, both for its practical expertise and for its actions focused on training, consulting and support.

TRACIP was the 1st French digital expertise and data recovery laboratory.

Deveryware benefits from Tracip’s experience to offer police forensic solutions:

  • Processing of digital evidence after an incident
  • Engineering and design of logistics support tools for security personnel
  • Mobile DNA collection

+ 150 interventions realised in 2020

Crisotech, a specialist in risk and crisis management consulting and training, is to join forces with the Deveryware Group in 2020, with a view to supplementing our service offering in the area of crisis management.

A truly innovative company, Crisotech was the first company to have conceived of the “Social Room” in 2015, an exercise dedicated to measuring the media pressure of social networks in the event of a crisis.

In collaboration with RESILIENCY, Crisotech offers global support to both private and public organisations:

  • preparation and anticipation
  • feedback
  • assistance and training.



With its experience in France, the group has been developing internationally for several years thanks to a flexible strategy, adapted to each territory and each market.

The Deveryware Group also operates in Europe (England, Spain and France), Africa (Senegal), North America (Canada) and South America (Argentina).


Our ability to innovate, our values ​​of respect for privacy and our historical knowledge of the security market make the Deveryware Group a recognized trusted partner with many stakeholders around the world, such as Services to the Prime Minister, the French Ministries of the Interior, Justice, Economy and Finance, as well as private actors such as Total, LVMH, Axa and Veolia.