Because innovation is one of our group’s sustainability guarantees, Deveryware has developed a genuine internal Research and Development policy, investing 10% of its revenue each year.

We work every day to improve our knowledge of the latest cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, Big Data and IoT. In a context of growing insecurity, we seek, through our actions, to make our contribution to society by developing new ways to protect communities.

Today, we offer our global platform serving digital proof with our unique competence on the market: our experience in providing cross security between geolocation, analysis, risk management, big data and forensic science.



This is the watchword that drives Deveryware, an SME that has become a group. Since its creation in 2003, Deveryware has been working with safety and security professionals to improve and facilitate the performance of their tasks for the security of people and property.

Faced with the increasing demand for security in a world with multiple and multifaceted threats, Deveryware aims to help law enforcement in their sovereign missions and also to provide citizens with a range of services to facilitate the digital transformation of their daily lives.

Looking towards a safer future, we mobilize all our resources every day with a firm commitment to the security of all.



Based on strong ethical values and with a proven experience in geolocation, our group is positioned at the highest levels of personal data and privacy protection.

We pay special attention to privacy.We have always been committed to protecting the personal data of the users of our services in accordance with the applicable regulations.

With this goal in mind, we have set up an external policy concerning the protection of personal data. You will find detailed and clear explanations in this policy to better understand why we process your personal data and how we protect it. The policy also informs you about your rights and how to exercise them.