A research lab at the heart of Deveryware

Beyond its active involvement in cooperative research and development projects, Deveryware opened an Innovation Lab in 2018. Its goal is to add value to research results by developing industrial solutions.

This lab exists within the company, but has significant independence in its operations to  encourage agility and adaptability, as well as a dedicated budget.

Co-creation comes from the active participation of scholars and users in the public and private sectors.

Based in Spain at the Deveryware Iberia site, the Innovation Lab has 12 employees with complementary skill sets, such as engineers, architects and project managers, with a variety of areas of expertise, including emergency call systems, telecommunications, information systems architecture, multimedia services and safety.


The lab’s staff is currently putting the final touches on the first emergency call routing platform which conforme to the PEMEA European standard.

The system makes it possible to connect any mobile app that has 112 call capability with emergency call centers. Using their 112 app, European citizens who are traveling can reach the nearest call center anywhere in Europe.

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*PEMEA -Pan-European Mobile Emergency App- is a standard created by EENA and Deveryware to pool emergency services resources and provide a single standardized interface for operators.