mobil ‘Security

Providing security for large events requires effective security measures, in particular to control participants’ access and prevent the entry of prohibited items.

An alternative to pat-downs and bag searches, which require a large number of security personnel, mobil’Security is a transportable security-inspection station that is strictly equivalent to fixed airport equipment and that can be deployed in just a few hours.

It enables an the inspection of from 500 to 2,000 people per hour, depending on the model (PRM access included) and can be deployed from a 10” or 20” container format.

It is equipped with the latest detection technologies for people and hand luggage: security gate, X-ray baggage scanner, explosives detection, video surveillance, body scanner.

Tracip, a subsidiary of the Deveryware group, offers mobil’Security, designed by Behm, a French expert in special vehicles and command posts.

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