Cyber risk heads the list of worries and concerns businesses face. Preparing yourself for cyberattacks and equipping yourself with the capacity to deal with and overcome them are the objectives our group Deveryware aims to help you achieve.

Preparing for a cybercrisis

Our cyber prevention offerings include consulting for cyber risk audits, crisis drills, but also forensic tools for your IT Security teams and on-demand search for Indicators of Compromise on your endpoints.

Face crisis

We intervene quickly and discreetly, on site and remotely, both responding to IT incidents and consulting/hotline on crisis management.

Learning the lessons

The very notion of “learning from experience” implies that the organisation can emerge stronger from the crisis. Post-crisis reflexions and trainings will confirm and strengthen this learning.

Equip yourself with the very best forensic tools

Should a confirmed cyberattack, a suspected breach or malicious internal activity occur, enjoy the security of knowing that you are working with the most effective digital forensics packages on the market, such as Axiom, EnCase, Téléphonie, X-Ways and Linux.

Already have qualified technicians within your workforce?

We can supply the tools and equipment you require to help your technicians improve their IT services, and we offer tailored training to ensure complete autonomy of use.  

Tracip, the forensic division of the Flandrin Technologies group, is the no. 1 partner of the largest global digital investigation software manufacturers in the French market.





On-site intervention and data recovery

We help you identify the attack entry point and the devices affected when a security breach occurs (ransomware, data leak, denial of service, etc.) We aim to act quickly to limit the scope of the incident and enable you to:

  • restore your media and recover any datarendered inaccessible as a result of the attack
  • collect proof and evidence for any legal action and/or insurance claims
  • get your business back up and running as quickly as possible and with optimal security measures in place.

Our dedicated digital investigation service has 25 years of experience and expertise in recovering data from media damaged or rendered unreadable by a technical fault or as the result of an incident.




RAID system

SSD disk


External hard drive

Virtual machines

USB flash drive

Video surveillance

Memory card


Cyber crisis management

The human factor is fundamental to our approach to crisis management. This means that our teams work closely with you throughout the crisis, helping you anticipate, communicate and better prepare yourselves, and no matter whether you are a private or a public organisation.

From media training for management teams through to cyber crisis exercises for support teams, test out best practices and the responsiveness of your employees in a real-world situation!

Benefit from the specialist expertise of our crisis communications consultants and their help and support throughout the crisis. Though all too often neglected during crises, communications strategies play a critical role for the stakeholders affected.

Crises can be anticipated, managed and analysed. We provide you with the keys to implementing an action plan tailored to your organisation and your business sector, and we help both raise awareness amongst your workforce and strengthen their skills and abilities.


  • Auditing of your crisis measures
  • Development of crisis management plans and procedures
  • Implementation of your crisis unit


  • On call 24/7
  • Communications strategy
  • Writing and preparation of briefings, announcements and press-releases


  • Bespoke customisation of your exercise together with full-scale simulation
  • Involvement of all services
  • Optimisation of crisis plans

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