Assess the impacts before reactivating your IT infrastructure

Our subsidiary Tracip is an expert in the recovery of digital data and the securing of evidence.

It has developed an incident-response protocol for dealing with cyberthreats:

  • compromise of storage media and information systems by malware
  • infection of all or some of the organisation’s IT resources by ransomware
  • intentional deletion of data and / or data breach


Tracip can be used in the context of IT security incidents,
internal fraud or disputes between employers and employees.

Tracip takes on-site action immediately an incident is discovered, before recovery of the infrastructure.

This solution will help you contain the incident and preserve evidence for subsequent investigations, insurance claims and/or legal proceedings.


Already used with companies who have been victims of cyberattacks, this procedure:

  • maximises the chances of recovering data
  • enables you to obtain compensation
  • and ensures that you can gradually and safely restart your information system as quickly as possible.

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