Field Investigation Kit




Field investigation kit

An essential kit for carrying out investigations in the field, it allows you to:

  • Extract storage media from a workstation, laptop or other device
  • Rapidly duplicate a hard drive while preserving its original data
  • Pre-visualise the content, make fast searches using keywords, or export data
  • Create logical evidence containers to protect information


Digital investigation workstations specially equipped with hardware and software to enable investigators to:

  • Block write-access to hard drives
  • Decipher protected information
  • Initiate pre-processing operations
  • Analyse data
  • Share resources in a network


Aimed at investigators specialising the processing of digital evidence, Mono’IT offers a complete, optimised work environment with ease of use and efficiency, with:

  • Connection board with 2 write-access blockers, 1 doc and 6 USB3 ports
  • Hexib’IT Investigation Stations
  • Ergonomic equipment

mobil’IT: mobile forensic laboratory

Transportable and adaptable, this mobile laboratory includes all the technology and solutions created by Tracip (hexib’IT, monol’IT, digital investigation kit, etc.) as well as complementary resources (telephone kit, mechanical resources, even a clean room, etc.) to accelerate the work of investigators in the field.

Access on-site the contents of defective or damaged flash memories or hard drives with specialised, ergonomic and powerful equipment.

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