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These training courses are aimed at all professionals working in the policing and legal sectors who want to deepen their knowledge of digital investigation and data recovery, and develop a certain degree of autonomy in their roles.

Francophone partner
to the world’s leading
digital investigation software
and technology companies

It is really necessary for many investigators to save time or to respect the confidentiality of investigations when they use to recover data seized during searches on their own.

Tracip, a subsidiary of the Deveryware Group, an expert in data recovery, offers + 20 certified training courses throughout the year.

Data recovery and analysis… you will learn to work completely independently with the most powerful data recovery software on the market: Axiom, EnCase, Téléphonie, XWays, Linux, etc.

Tracip also provides a complete portal of resources through its customer support service.

Enjoy the advantages of the very latest updates together with advice from helpful and available experienced professionals to guide you through the process of learning to use these new investigative tools.

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