Routing of emergency calls across Europe

Calling 112, the emergency telephone number common to all European countries, still suffers from many shortcomings:

  • Inaccessibility for dumb, deaf and hard of hearing citizens
  • Difficulty for people who do not speak the language of the country from which the call is made
  • Lack of automatic geolocation of the caller Inaccessibility by the most common mobile applications


GHALE * improves the routing of 112 calls by PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points)

GHALE solves to all these issues by providing automatic translation, geolocation and roaming capabilities for the SOS functions of mobile applications and multimedia communication:

  • 112 online call by video (WebRTC)
  • Messaging functions via Chat or RTT (Real Time Text)
  • Video and chat accessibility adapted to the deaf or hard of hearing

*Complies with European standard PEMEA (Pan-European Mobile Emergency App)_ ETSI TS 103 478

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