GHALE is a platform that routes roaming emergency calls originated from apps into the local PEMEA* network. It connects emergency callers to the public safety answering points (PSAPs) through multi-media services using the internet. It enables users the to be easily located in case of an emergency, and people with speaking and hearing diffuclties to communicate with emergency responders using dedicated tools and technologies. Additionally, it allows travelers to reach the closest PSAP when they make an emergency call.

*Deveryware is a member of PEMEA Consortium (Pan-European Mobile Emergency Application).

Limitations of current emergency calls

  • Inaccessibility for people with hearing and speaking disabilities or difficulties
  • Language barrier when communicating in different languages with PSAPs
  • Inability to automatically share accurate location with the PSAP
  • Inaccessibility by the most common communication applications
  • Ineffeciency to assess the emergency without receiving pictures of the situation, and thus to intervene correctly

What does GHALE bring?

PSAP calls from any device that is connected to the internet

Multi-party communication with third parties like sign language interpreters

Communication with emergency responders through audio/video calls

Capacity to receive local national alerts when travelling abroad without the need to have a local sim card

Location sharing for a faster emergency response

Automatic two-way instant messaging translation when communicating with PSAPs in foreign languages

Ability to use instant messaging and pictograms for people with speaking/hearing difficulties

Sharing vital signs directly with the emergency responder through wearable devices

GHALE complies with the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC) with regards to location, PSAP routing and equivalent access to emergency services for end-users with disabilities. Furthermore, GHALE is fully compliant with GRPD and PEMEA is a published European standard.

How to benefit from GHALE capabilities

One of GHALE’s missions is to make emergency calls accessible for all and available through different devices, that’s why we provide multiple deploiment methods to fit your specific need :

Enable app emergency calling

Providing multimedia to emergency calls via a web link

Connecting apps to SIP emergency networks

Easy linking of first responders

GHALE features are also available for any application

Got an app and want to connect?

GHALE provides a comprehensive secure API that allows Apps to connect directly or via an App server to make emergency calls. You can connect existing Apps to emergency services, or build your own dedicated App, the choice is yours. With GHALE, the excuse for not connecting your communications App to emergency services is gone.

Companies communication applications also have challenges in managing emergency calls.

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