PermiLoc, a patent filed by Deveryware

PermiLoc is an innovative and patented process designed with the advice of the French data protection authority, the CNIL. This patented¹ concept allows users to stay in permanent control of when, where, for what purpose and by whom they can be located. PermiLoc can also be accessed via any office or home computer.

For whom?

Any smartphone users on the move for personal or business reasons.

Advantages of PermiLoc

PermiLoc provides the user with a more precise opt-in on their geolocation, and thus respect of an individual’s privacy. They indicate whether they agree to be located, they choose who can locate them, where, when and with what degree of accuracy; they can also check who has located them and when.

Thanks to this powerful and innovative app, PermiLoc¹ allows Deveryware to provide high value-added, intuitive and secure services that respect personal data management protocols.
(¹)Patent filed.