Services and support during and after a crisis

Crisotech assists you with the crisis management process and supports you through the various stages:

A subsidiary of the Deveryware Group since 2020, Crisotech has worked in more than 50 countries over the past 10 years. As experts in crisis management, we have the skills to provide operational support throughout a crisis to help you maintain your Business Continuity Plan:
• Creation of communication plans and risk analyses.
• Crisis support (24/7 hotline, crisis management software, drafting briefing dossiers and press releases, etc.).
• Crisis observation and feedback (bilateral talks with crisis managers, drafting post-mortem reports, etc.).


• Crisis management plans, continuity plans
• Writing/proofreading response plans, briefing dossiers, etc.
• Media communication strategy (social networks, TV, etc.)

Operational support

• 24/7 support
• Support with setting-up a crisis unit
• Impact analysis of possible decisions
• Crisis watch on appropriate media (social media, online media, specialist blogs)


1. Review of the event timeline and data collection
2. Personal, written questionnaires
3. Individual interviews
4. Analysis of information and decisions taken
5. Drafting of a post-mortem report with findings and proposals for action.

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