CAIAC, digital platform in shared and collaborative mode

In order to meet the challenges of current crisis (climate issues, strikes, demonstrations etc.), we need to have proven tools we can rely on.

Accessible online
at any time

Secure and customised
Superposition and integration of customised layers

Provides a complete picture
of the crisis

Mesure_population.png : Tool for automatic calculation of the population on
a 200m x 200m grid from the last population census. Source: INSEE – IGN

RESILIENCY, a specialist in the development of digital crisis management tools, has a powerful CAIAC mapping system with multiple uses:

• Enables data usage in real time (traffic, subways, weather forecasting, webcams, etc.)

• Assists in crisis analysis, prevention and management

• Supports business continuity and optimised recovery


This operational platform makes it possible to analyse 400+ layers of regional information and issues, around 10% of which are in near real-time.

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