Deployable laboratories for emergencies

A specialist in the extraction and preservation of digital evidence, Tracip, a subsidiary of the Deveryware Group, has developed mobile laboratories, in partnership with the IRCGN (National Gendarmerie’s Institute for Criminal Research), designed to apply the expected methodological rigour and speed to DNA or virus testing.

Transportable (container format or directly integrated into a vehicle) and energy autonomous, these laboratories are equipped with the latest technologies to give agents deployed in the field capacities equivalent to those of fixed laboratories.


mobil’ DNA: a mobile fast DNA identification laboratory

Deployed during the German Wings air crash (2015) and the Nice truck attack (2016 July, 14th), this mobile laboratory has demonstrated its performance to international police and gendarmerie services.

Developed in partnership with the IRCGN, the mobil’ DNA is unique in the world and offers investigators tenfold analysis possibilities:

  • Rapid delivery of DNA profiles:
    • DNA trace results confirmed within 2 hours for the first 21 samples
    • 21 additional DNA profiles every 30 minutes
    • This equates to nearly 1,000 samples in less than 24 hours
  • Limits the risk of contamination when handling evidence
  • Lower cost per analysis

mobil RNA-COVID: a mobile laboratory for fast COVID-19 screening

This ready-to-use and transportable laboratory developed by the IRCGN implements PCR testing to WHO standards. It guarantees you very fast COVID-19 virology test results and can be reconverted for the detection of other infectious viruses.

  • Capacity of 500 tests/day
  • Results within 4 hours of taking the sample.
  • Consumables compatible with fixed laboratories
  • Transportable by road, sea and air

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