Deveryloc, security in 3 points: investigate, elucidate, intervene

Deveryloc is an automated system for processing geolocalised information which reduces the workload of investigators and helps make their missions a success.


Thanks to Deveryloc, users can, for example:

Pinpoint the location of beacons and mobile phones (in cooperation with telecom operators)
Set alerts to be informed of relevant events
Analyse position histories, etc.




To complement this solution, an app is made available to Deveryloc users :

Deverylight allows mobile teams on the ground to monitor targets and events directly from a smartphone or tablet.

Latest features added:

Massive consultation of historical positions
Share your location in real time with connected users
Taking photos shared in real time with connected users.



Beacons by Deveryware

To provide a turnkey solution to our users, we also offer a complete range of beacons, of all brands, that are compatible and suitable for all types of missions.

We thus offer our customers total independence in relation to suppliers and the ability to integrate our products into your existing systems.



The latest beacon to the Deveryware range is revolutionizing the beacon market with the new LoRa technology, ideal for law enforcement on the field.

Thanks to our open and universal platform, police forces also have a wide choice of enclosures for certain specific uses: SILEX PICO S, PICO M, MINI CRG and INETIS…

Discover our range of beacons