AIMES, create a pan-European emergency service for all citizens

AIMES (Advanced Internet-based Multimedia Emergency Services) project is to improve emrgency calls accessibility and roaming everywhere in Europe.


AIMES is a joint effort of Deveryware, Edgeneering and Omnitor to bring to the public safety market a unique solution enabling the transition to Internet-based emergency services, delivering superior accessibility through multimedia and data-enabled capabilities and envisioning a fully interoperable pan-European solution where citizens seamlessly use their smartphone to reach the right emergency service, irrespective of their location.




Duration (months)


Funding (million)


AIMES combines know-how and technologies developed in the past years:

  • A full PEMEA implementation enabling cross-border interoperability and secure multimedia data communications between emergency Apps and emergency services across Europe
  • True IP support for SIP calls, text-based interaction and caller preferences (e.g., language), empowering efficient communication with the right PSAP operator (based on language or media preference) and richer emergency information to assess the urgency degree
  • Public alerting enabling location-based alerts via the PEMEA network to all mobile applications, with rich multi-language messages and advanced zoning features
  • Integrated automated emergency calls following alert mechanisms in care platforms monitoring the health and wellbeing of individuals at home
  • Universal and accessible emergency App delivering total conversation (combined voice, audio and text) and data exchange capability for richer communication between citizens and PSAPs
  • First responder App providing rich situational awareness to dispatched response teams on the move and supporting end-to-end connectivity with the PSAP centre and the caller.



Enable citizens to universally reach local emergency services in a modern way by providing:

  • accurate location
  • emergency-related information
  • and receive public alerts.

AIMES is a unique cost-effective solution rapidly deployable across Europe





DW started the development of pan-European interoperability technologies for emergency services as part of the EU project NEXES (Grant No. 653337), with the development of its GHALE solution, following the PEMEA standard.



EDGENEERING started the development of ambient living monitoring solutions in 2014. In 2016, the smart home MAESTRA platform provided real-time data on living conditions and EDGENEERING began exploiting the link between ambient living conditions and health and wellness indicators for improved quality of life, through the integration of data from health devices and wearables.

It became the 1st project to provide medical accreditation to a unique intelligent health and ambient living solution
(eCare) for monitoring cardiac and obesity post-surgery patients at home.



For more than 10 years, OMN invested and built a solid technological basis in the development of applications and technical add-ons to make emergency calls possible for people with disabilities, building total conversation solutions over mobile and web technologies accessible to all.

OMN innovation has been recognised in EU projects REACH112 (Grant No. 238940) and NEXES (Grant No. 653337), where OMN played a role as supplier of technical solutions.

As a result, AIMES will be the most advanced NG112-for-all ready system to the benefit of society.


Start – End date : 2020 January – 2022 December

Project duration : 24 months

Funding: € 1,030,455