NIGHTINGALE, upgrade to Pre-hospital life support and Triage

With the NIGHTINGALE* project, we will develop, integrate, test, deploy, demonstrate and validate a Novel Integrated Toolkit for Emergency Medical Response (NIT-MR) which ensures an upgrade to Pre-hospital life support and Triage.

*i.e « Novel InteGrated toolkit for enhanced pre-Hospital life support and Triage IN challenGing And Large Emergencies »







Purpose and action plan

Experience shows that the local community is the first to respond in such incidents as assistance often comes late. For this reason, building resilience for the communities means having systematic, risk-informed and coordinated preparedness and planning, as well as response capacities in place.

This will comprise a multitude of tools, services and applications required for:

  1. Upgrading evaluation of injured and affected population and handle casualties (Triage) by offering them the means to perform digital identification, allow traceability, support fast diagnosis and prognosis and continuous monitoring and enable accurate classification of medical condition;
  2. Optimising pre-hospital life support and damage control through AI-based tracking, tracing, routing and utilisation enhancements of assets, resources and capacities as well as enabling continuous monitoring and correlation of vital signs and actions;
  3. Allowing shared response across emergency medical services, non-medical civil protection personnel, volunteers and citizens.


Deveryware’s contribution

The aim is to develop on the basis of its GHALE platform, the PEMEA network and on the user requirements the framework that allow to improve the coordination between FRs, volunteers and PSAPS.

This will require to create interoperability protocols for sharing emergency information useful for the first responders in a specific area. And then to create based on the relay service the mean to communicate and interoperate easily between the emergency professional and volunteers in coordination with the PSAP via mod-ern communication way.


Deveryware will also contribute to WP2 on Triage Upgrading by providing input on the component definition and contributing on the Development & Prototyping of Volunteers based participatory, inclusive and rapid Triage.

Expected goals

To provide affected people the top-level healthcare that modern technology and current civil protection systems can offer

Goal: Methods and guidelines for pre-hospital life support and triage:

  • Rescue of people
  • Crisis management operations
  • Technologies-Components
  • Crisis management
  • Manage and lead complex operations
  • Ensure identification and control of goods and people.

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