ZENITH, detect urban threats and incidents to improve security in european cities

ZENITH is a project developed by Edicia and Deveryware that aims to improve safety in urban environments by detecting and anticipating risks. 

The goal of the project is to enable the detection of weak signals extracted from open sources, precursors of an imminent risk.

Creating a security platform for urban areas will enable the detection of weak signals from any type of textual data including social networks. This new functionality will allow municipal authorities to take all necessary protective measures, thus contributing to the improvement of the resilience of their cities.

This project is subsidized by Secur’IT, a European fund designed to finance technological innovations that respect ethical, legal and social issues.

Ce projet est subventionné par SECURIT, un fond européen destiné à financer les innovations technologiques respectant les enjeux éthiques, légaux et sociaux.





With the combination of our semantic analysis and predictive analysis expertise, it will soon be possible to exploit the many sources of data while respecting the RGPD (the information collected will be processed in a European cloud without keeping personal data).

With approaches such as OSINT and semantics, we can retrieve and sort information quickly and achieve the goals:

  • Gather and manage real time information
  • Analyze and extract relevant and potentially critical information as quickly as possible
  • Use communication networks to improve post-event analysis
  • Detect events of interest as soon as they occur.


Deveryware brings its expertise in semantic analysis, and more specifically in the generation of geo-chrono-localized alerts when reporting the occurrence of critical events on social networks.

ZENITH will collect data from heterogeneous sources such as data provided by the authorities, social networks or citizen portals. This data will then be processed in real time by Deveryware to extract structured information associated with a degree of confidence, about past, present or future geo-chronic events.

This information is gathered in a single platform, which also integrates unified and heterogeneous multi-modal and multi-attribute statistics, in order to alert, but also to anticipate events, by offering a predictive analysis service, to better plan the use of resources and thus improve safety in public spaces.


Edicia, leader of the ZENITH project, helps cities ensure public peace of mind for their citizens.

Its platform simultaneously processes all urban events reported by city and regional agents and their partners in the public space, as well as those from video surveillance, social networks, the weather, and Open Data…).


Thanks to the embedded AI, its advanced analysis system provides unique services on a single platform: risk anticipation, planning, targeting and optimization of action plans, impact analysis, public tranquility observatory.

As a major player in the security sector since its creation, Deveryware is committed to providing innovative technological solutions to ensure the safety of people and businesses.

As a pioneer in real-time geolocation and developer of a mobile data analysis platform, …


Pioneer of real-time geolocation and developer of a mobile data analysis platform, Deveryware is committed to better security with our technologies are used on a daily basis by over 2,300 police and gendarmerie departments.

Deveryware also houses a dedicated semantic analysis center with a team of engineers specialized in language and digital information processing.