On October 22, the second pilot of the AIMES (Advanced Internet-based Multimedia Emergency Services) project took place in Sweden. With the participation of Digia Plc, the developer of the Finnish emergency application 112-Suomi and the project partners, several advanced service scenarios could be tested. This was done under the expert eye of representatives from the Swedish and Finnish PSAPs.

This AIMES pilot was hosted by our Swedish partner, Omnitor, together with our Portuguese partner, EDGENEERING, and the technical team from Deveryware.

The second pilot demonstrated the public alert service in a Sweden-Finland roaming scenario and automated emergency calls, with vital information automatically sent to the emergency service. These scenarios highlighted the new capabilities offered by the AIMES system, and enabled by the PEMEA standard, to improve the efficiency and outcomes of emergency response.

The pilot also highlighted the capabilities of the IoT (Internet of Things) service by allowing measurements from patients’ wearable devices to be transmitted to the emergency chain.