Analyse threats spreading across social media

Our subsidiary OAK Branch offers a Social Media Intelligence solution (“SOCMINT”) to detect, measure and analyse, dangerous phenomena at work on social media channels:

  • disinformation campaigns
  • radicalisation
  • calls to violence, etc.

Connected to data collection solutions, it allows opinion to be studied in near real time using a very large number of posts and reactions, to make deductions about trends and to detect weak signals thanks to its AI module.

Designed by analysts for analysts, OAK Branch’s SOCMIT solution offers an effective visualisation of the potency and penetration rate of different threads:

  • an at-risk movement
  • a harmful influence campaign
  • or rumours of a crisis…

Compliant with legal frameworks, OAK BRANCH’s platform can be adapted to your specific needs and deployed with project support allowing for increased competence and autonomy of use.

To understand the issues around social media monitoring and the technical challenges that a SOCMINT solution must overcome, receive our white paper ”Social Media Intelligence — Main Challenges and Methodology” by completing the following form.