In 2021, Deveryware is working towards a CSR Commitment Label.

A response to our values

The RSE Commitment Label is also directly enshrined in the values of our group:

  • COMMITMENT to the approach we are undertaking with and alongside our team
  • INNOVATION we demonstrate that will soon allow us to integrate social and environmental parameters within our processes
  • ETHICS in order to act in a transparent manner with all parties

Road map

We have outlined a road map in order to maintain momentum in our efforts and obtain a CSR label.

  1. Implementation of a CSR policy
  2. Creation of procedures and charters (diversity, responsible purchasing, etc.)
  3. Naming of a CSR management team and a steering committee
  4. Development of a code of good conduct


Our activity is based on the 7 core subjects of the ISO 26000 standard which are the fundamental criteria to obtain the CSR Commitment Label:

  • Organisational governance (alignment of operations, ensuring good flow of information, transparency)
  • Human rights (civil, economic, social and cultural rights)
  • Labour practices (HR, social dialogue and QWL)
  • Fairness of practices (proprietary rights, anti-corruption measures)
  • Consumer issues (privacy policies, satisfaction surveys)
  • Communities and local development (job creation, skill development)
  • Environmental policy (reducing the environmental impact of our work, following the principles of sustainable development, ISO 14001 certified since 2012).

We hope to soon be able to work with our service providers on this objective to continue our CSR efforts and obtain the CSR Commitment Label.